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TM2Motorized Dobsonian Mount – Sky-Watcher Flextube 250P
TM36″ Dobsonian – Orion Deep Space Explorer
TM410″ Dobsonian – Sky-Watcher Flextube 250P550
TM56″ Maksutov OTA
TM670mm White Light Solar Telescope
TM76″ Edmund Newtonian
TM8Home made alt-az on heavy tripod
TM9Celesctron SCT 8″ OTA w/finder
TM10EQ Mount on Tripod155
TM11Telescope tubes
TM1250mm refactor w/finder
TM13Tripod – gray eyepiece holder
TM14Old Meade mount on pier
TM15Tripod w/Rockwell scope adapter
TM16Pier extender – pedestal tube
TM172 department store mounts
TM1810″ Newtonian OTA
TM1910″ Newtonian OTA
TM208″ Mirror with cell
TM21Observing table
TM22Telrad and misc parts20
TM23Home made Alt-Az
TM2410″ SCT OTA210
TM25100mm refractor OTA
TM26120mm refractor OTA
TM27Boxes and storage bags for scopes20
TM28102mm refractor OTA100
TM29EXT90 on tripod
TM3070mm on tripod
TM31One arm fork mount130
TM32Binoviewer – Quantity 2 Denkmeier
TM33Misc focusers
TM34Eyepieces mostly junk
TM35Eyepieces and barlows
TM3678mm refractor OTA25
TM37Box of misc parts10
TM4060mm OTA
TM42Laser collimator10
TM4450mm finder scope and others
TM45two lenses, no cell
TM46Drive motor
TM47EQ brand telescope drive30
TM4885mm refractor lens
TM513″ refractor – short focal length
TM53EQ drive and SynScan controller25
TM54Black plastic handles5
TM556″ Newtonian parts
TM56Case, aluminum
TM572″ diagonal and 45 degree diagonal25
RS00610″ Apertura Dobsonian
RS0098″ F/4 Newtonian OTA150
RS0113″ Refractor ES ED80 FCD 100375
RS0146″ Reflector OTA
RS016Color Camera QHY5-III100
RS017Color Camera ZWO ASI185MC100
RS018Skyris Camera 618C100
RS019Sony DCR-SR68 Video Camera
RS021Power Supply Pyramid PS9KS25
RS022Photo Timer Remote T710
RS023Finder Scope 8×50
RS025Video Zoom Lens F16-64
RS0262″ Coma Corrector50
RS0272X Barlow10
RS0283.5mm Orion Stratus eyepiece20
RS0298mm Vixen LV-W Eyepiece35
RS03025mm Meade Series 5000 Eyepiece20
RS0312″ Field Flattener ES
RS034CG-5 Universal Mating Plate 94213
RS035Tool Kit27
RS036Pier Extension SG-TPE001-00
53GoTo Equatorial Mount EQ-G
101Orion SkyQuest Intelliscope XT8
105Atlas Pro GoTo Mount
104Scope Buggy115
1032 Pelican hard cases
JM110″ Meade LX200
TI1Eyepiece Case
TI2Eyepiece Case
1028″ Telescope w/tripod, wedge – Meade Pre-LX200
110Camera Eyepiece adapter
1118″ Celestron OTA400
RS038Canon EOS Rebel 750D
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