Dr. Dan Caton Appalachian State University
Dr. Eric Douglass Author/Lunar Astronomer
Dr. Andrew O'Dell Retired/Northern Arizona University
Dr. David Moffett Furman University
Carolyn Shoemaker Planetary Astronomer/Comet Hunter
Dr. Richard Gray Appalachian State University
Dr. Chris Mullis Astronomer
Steven O'Meara Sky & Telescope Magazine
Jonathan Spargo National Radio Astronomy Observatory VLA
Mark “Indy” Kochte NASA Messenger Mission
Dr. Stephen Danford University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Fred Hess Hayden Planetarium
Dennis di Cicco Sky & Telescope Magazine
Don Parker Astrophotographer
Tom Dobbins Author/Telescope Maker
David Levy Sky & Telescope Magazine
John Gregory Telescope Maker
John Briggs Yerkes Observatory
Harold McAlaster Center for High Angular Resolution Astronomy (CHARA)
Leif Robinson Sky & Telescope Magazine
Jim Mullaney Sky & Telescope Magazine
J. Kelly Beatty Sky & Telescope Magazine
Richard Talcott Astronomy Magazine
Nagine Cox Jet Propulsion Laboratory - NASA
Don Osterbrock Lick Observatory
Sue French Sky & Telescope Magazine
David Devorkin Smithsonian Institution
Bart Fried Antique Telescope Society
Richard Fienberg Sky & Telescope Magazine
Trudy Bell Author
Howard Brewington Sloan Digital Survey/Comet Hunter
Phil Harrington Astronomy Magazine
Dr. Jerry T. Bonnell Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD)
Dr. Gerrit L. Verschuur Author
R. Lee Hawkins Appalachian State University
Dr. Don Olive Gardner-Webb University
Dean Ketelsen Steward Observatory Mirror Lab
Dr. Mike Reynolds Florida State College


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Past speakers include people from JPL, Yerkes Observatory, Lick Observatory, Sky & Telescope and Astronomy magazines, Smithsonian Institution, the Antique Telescope Society and many professional astronomers.